White River

Assault on the Knights Keep

The next morning, the Knights left for their (2nd) assault on the Keep. Thalion delivered to them the Baroness’ instructions that they were to reclaim and hold the keep this time. They were being permanently reassigned to the Knights Keep. Lord Louter arrived at the castle as they were leaving, with his entourage of ritualists, intending to move the heart in the dungeons. They left before he began.

The force was led by Lord-Commander Pieter with the support of Irann and Rodvar.
Irran’s Orcs (Treak, Shamarth, Hrimlock, and now Valith Half-Spear as well followed Irann as usual.
Rodvar brought along his nine archers, leaving his clerk behind to assist Lord Louter.
Rillet Redbeard, a human swamp-hunter who had arrived with General Gordik also offered to join with them, along with his trio of humanish warriors.



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