White River

More Human Infighting

As he departs Castle Winterstone after the decision of what to do with the mysterious heart, Lord Mayor Louter asks Irann to go check on the new Human leader in town, Vincen Aldovar. Lord Louter wishes to get a clearer picture of how Aldovar intends to relate to the Half Elven powers of the town, and what his involvement might be with Logan Hartwold’s kidnapping and death.

Easily finding Vincen Aldovar‘s home (which had also been the home of his predecessor, Lucan Aldovar), Irann (along with his orcs) was eventually admitted by a distraught human serving-woman, who revealed that Vincen had been found dead in his office only shortly before. Irann’s investigation lead him to suspect the involvement of a tribal human, known as Chief Ulark; a rival human leader with a well-known animosity for the late Vincen.

Told that Chief Ulark kept rooms at a new inn in the Docks called New Nerath, Irann and the orcs approached the place, only to be stopped at the door by a pair of burly men with clubs. Though one of the humans caught Hrimlock in the knee with his club, he was dead and the other was curled in a ball in the dirt in short order.

Inside the inn, Ulark was easy to find. Standing behind his two axe-wielding guards, Chief Ulark belligerently refused to answer Irann‘s questions about Vincen’s death; only repeating that Irann and his kind (elves) were not welcome there. Somebody raised a weapon, and the whole room (about a dozen humans against Irann and three orcs) erupted into violence. The rest of the human crowed backed down, however, when the orcs quickly killed Ulark’s two guards and Irann left the Chieftain sprawling against an overturned table holding his jaw.

Irann delivered Chief Ulark to the new Tiefling jail at the foot of [[the Hill] and told the human in no uncertain terms how stupid it was to be infighting in the face off all the threats the town was facing. He promised to return in the morning, and told Ulark that he expected his full cooperation at that time in regard to information about Vincen Aldovar’s murder.



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