White River

The Council Convenes

Irann, Farall, and Treak (along with Treak’s two orc axfighter companions) return the next day to delving under the undead infested ruins of Castle Whitestone.

The Baroness has emerged from her mourning/recovery period, however, and summons the lords and ladies of Drakeford (now including Pieter!) to a council meeting.

One of their items of business is to make sense of Pieter’s presence among them. He was named a lord of Drakeford by the letter of request sent by the late Baron to Aulin’ Sepuliah for troops to support Pieter’s reclaiming of the Knights Keep (the request answered by Captain Rodvar).

The Council has concluded that The Baron clearly intended for Pieter to be a non-resident “lord,” and have established a new rank/title: Lord-Commander.

Lord Commanders shall be welcome to sit on the meetings of the council, but are not expected to attend unless specifically summoned by the council or the lord/lady mayor. They get a vote if present, but in cases of ties their counts are only counted as half-votes. Lord Commanders are functionary nobles whose primary concerns are intended to be focused on other concerns than the day to day management of Drakeford.

Lord-Commander Pieter, Knight of White River and Commander of Knights Keep is established as the first of this title. However, another Lord-Commander position was then established (though not yet filled) to be tasked with the patrolling and protection of the remaining farms to the west of town. Lord Mayor Louter has also suggested extending the title Lord-Commander of the Redhill Road Patrol to Bryseis Longhorn (commander of the Tiefling Mercenaries) as a way of reasserting control over part of Drakeford Town. There has been some hesitation about this, however, and no decision has yet been reached.

As part of this discussion, the council has decided that Lord-Commander Pieter’s place is with his knights rather than at the council table. As such, the Lord-Commander has been dismissed from the second (and any further) day of deliberations.



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