White River

The Druid and the Alien Tree

The combined party, now including Pieter as well, encounter the undead Captain Eldrick, the former captain of the castle guard, who now appears to be a mouthpiece (quite literally) for the undead supposed-knightEronald the Undying. Through Eldrick, Eronald makes a deal with the party that if he and his forces are allowed to leave town without being molested, he will leave the mad druid Alek Grimbeard to them. The party reluctantly agrees, uncomfortable with making a deal with the Undead warrior but fearful that they are outmatched without doing so.

While Eronald gets his troops out of the way, abandoning posts that otherwise would have raised the alarm about he party’s raid, the knights assault Grimbeard and his followers in the chamber with a “alien tree” emanating obvious Far-Realms energy. The party slays the mad druid and the tentacle lashing / psychically probing “tree” and finds that the castle is being abandoned by the undead forces now firmly and unambiguously under Eronald’s control.

Leaving the castle in Captain Rodvar’s control, the party takes a quick trip through the Nerathian controlled Dock portion of town. While the news of their retaking of the castle spreads, hostilities with antagonistic humans are only averted by the overtures of a new human leader, Vincen Aldovar, who offers the knights the head of his predecessor, Lucan Aldovar, in a box as a gift to the Baroness.

Returning to the Hill to discuss this with the Lord Mayor, Farall is called away by family concerns: His older brother has been kidnapped from their mother’s house!



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