White River

The Druid Assault

While keeping an eye on Lucan Aldovar, Ubada caught wind of a plot against the baron. He didn’t get a lot of details, only that it was going to occur that very evening at the Castle itself. Ubada immediately set about with Grai to try to root out Aldovar and take him into custody. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be found. As the sun set, Ubada and Grai returned to the castle. Once there, they were assaulted by druids who where silently coming over the walls with unnatural speed. They killed some, but not before others had open the castle gates to packs of wolves and warbands of human barbarians. They fought in the castle yard until they saw signs of fighting in the Baron’s manor itself. When the went to investigate, they found the great hall ransacked and ruined, with plenty of signs of combat but no bodies. There was blood though, and Ubada, Grai, and some other guards they grabbed followed the blood trails down to the cellar, where they found piles of bodies and a strange ritual sacrifice in process. A pair of wolf-men had three bodies hanging by their feet from the ceiling, their throats were cut and the blood was filling a stone box below them. The heroes killed the wolf-men and investigated the bodies. A few in the pile were still living, including the Baron’s daughter,Ariana Winterstone, and the apothacary Allonwye. The Baron, however, along with the captain of his guard, were among those already sacrificed and exsanguinated. They busied themselves getting help from upstairs and getting those still living to one of the barracks above. They found a hidden trapdoor leading deeper, but when the place started to lurch and rumble dangerously, with cracks appearing in the floor and walls, they ran up the stairs and out of the building. The entire manor collapsed into a massive sink-hole shortly after they emerged from it. The fighting appeared to be resolved in the castle yard, so they gathered some remaining troops and escorted the injured to the Hill where they could be better taken care of. On the way they were attacked by and had to dispatch a number of human townsfolk. The whole town appeared to be in turmoil, and there were signs of fires, pillaging, and fighting in the streets. The Hill was in better shape, and various nobles and Tiefling mercenaries were busy trying to improvise defenses and organize the inhabitants. After dropping off the injured, The heroes started back to the castle, only to encounter on the road the last tattered remains of the castle garrison. Undead had swarmed out of the sink-hole where the manor had been and utterly overwhelmed the guard. Virtually all had been killed. Ubada lead his companions toward the castle, defeating one band of undead near the walls, but when he saw how many were manning the walls already, they turned back to the Hill.



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