White River


A New Direction

The “(Half-)Elven Game” which has so far been being documented has now come to an official end. The Knights of White River assigned to the town of Drakeford headed off into the wilderness to capture, and hold, the ruined and undead infested Knights Keep.

Perhaps they will be heard from again. Perhaps they will not.

In either case, the focus now shifts to the lowliest of the low: The Humans.

Recently defeated and subjugated in their various attempts to overthrow their (Half-)Elven masters, the human population of Drakeford chafes more than ever in their chains of servitude to the “Elvish” powers that rule the Valley.

After the rhetoric of the revolutionary Druids and the foreign Aldovar, however, the Humans of the regions are no longer so inclined to suffer in grim, defeated silence.

What they will do is yet to be seen…

But they will certainly do something!



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