Ariana Winterstone

The half elven Baroness of Drakeford. Ariana is grim and serious. Scowls are her predominant facial feature.

Her late father,Baron Alistair Winterstone, was sacrificed by the mad druid Alek Grimbeard (underneath his own manor, and along with the captain of his guard (Captain Eldrick), among others) to feed the alien stone which then grew into the Alien Tree and pulled the manor down into the plateau upon which Winterstone Castle presides.

While her father still lived, she served as the Lady Mayor of Drakeford, meaning she presided over the City Council. Due to her father’s advanced senility, she also functionally performed many of the duties of baron long before her formal ascension to the title..

Ariana has no surviving relatives other than the fairly distant relations of the other Drakford nobility. It has been the custom of the Winterstones for three generations now to have no more than one child. Until Ariana they have all been boys. Though urged by his advisers to do otherwise, the late Baron never remarried after his wife died in giving birth to Ariana; thus by default continuing the family tradition of a singular heir.

Ariana Winterstone

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