Castle Winterstone

Built by the (then Human) Winterstone Family (who take their name from it) in the years before the Orc Wars, Castle Winterstone was originally composed entirely of the strange, white marble found only under the town of Drakeford, and most commonly under the bluff upon which the castle was built.

The interior structure of the castle was destroyed during the final major battle of the Orc Wars by the magics of the Cambion Warlord, his bound demons, and Orcish sorcerers. Only the surrounding curtain wall remained after the war.

Enough of the Winterstone could be salvaged from the wreckage to build a two-story manor house, the rest of the castle building being composed of wood, or more common stone.

The manor was destroyed, in turn, during The Druids’ Assault a.k.a. the Druids Uprising, when Alek Grimbeard awoke the alien stone in the dungeons beneath the manor and the resulting Alien Tree pulled the manor down into its own foundations.

The current baroness Ariana Winterstone is taking advantage of the mining expertise among the refugees of Redhill to begin mining for more Winterstone with which to rebuild the castle in closer to its original style.

Castle Winterstone

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