City Council

Mayor: Erin Louter

Lady Vivian Hartwold – A lumber heiress.

Lord-Mayor Erin Louter – Chief on the Hill, Patron of Bahamut, and Lord Mayor of Drakeford

Lord Piter Wouter – A prosperous farmer.

Lady Linia Vosten – Unmarried heiress to the considerable Vosten fortune. Social butterfly with large circle of close “friends.”

“Lord-Commander’’ ”/wikis/pieter" class=“wiki-page-link”>Pieter – A full knight of the Knights of White River assigned by the late Alistair Winterstone to be the lord of the (ruined) Knights Keep.

“Lord-Commander” Bryseis Longhorn – Commander of the Tiefling Mercenaries, now given command of defense for the market and Redhill road regions of Drakeford.

City Council

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