This once human town is now dominated by Half Elves. The baroness and her family, as well as most of the upper class citizens are Half Elven, though humans still remain the majority of the population. There is a small minority of Tieflings, who have become known for their dependable service as mercenary caravan protection or personal bodyguards. Before the withdrawal of the Eladrin, being a Half Elf was politically beneficial in the relations of the region. Since that time, however, the elves of Aulin’ Sepuliah have increasingly looked at the people of Drakeford as “humans,” who are generally beneath their concern.

Since the events of the Druid Assault the town has been effectively divided into four jurisdictions / municipalities: The Hill: Where the Half Elven nobility reside, Whitestone Castle: inhabited by undead, The Docks: ruled by Lucan Aldovar and his Nerathian humans, and the Market and Redhill Road: actively patrolled and kept “neutral” by the Tiefling Mercenaries.

On The Hill:
Baroness: Ariana Winterstone
Mayor: Erin Louter
City Council

Whitestone Castle:
Lord: Eronald the Undying

Drakeford Town

in The Docks:
Lord: Lucan Aldovar

on Redhill Road:
Commander Bryseis Longhorn


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