A band of duergar on a flying ship had met with the human slavers who held Logan Hartwold. They had loaded him on their ship when his brother Faral and some of his companions confronted and killed him. One of the duergar was casting magical flames all over, and managed to set the ship afire, leading to the death of a number of enslaved elves and half-elves, Logan Hartwold among them.

Until this encounter, none of the PCs or their companions could have said if duergar were actually real, and not just figures out of some fairytale. (Probably most had never even heard of them before.)

They are short, stocky humanoid creatures with skin that looks like it was burned to a black crips. They wear clothes similarly to people, but their clothing doesn’t seem to function quite the same way since it doesn’t always cover areas that it should.

They appear to grow spikes amidst their beards, and appear comfortable with snapping them off and throwing them as ranged weapons.

They also appear to have some affinity for flame. Some of the warriors’ eyes lit up with flame when they entered their battle rage, and the leader threw flame around like it was nothing.


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