Elves generally hail from the lands of Aulin’ Sepuliah. More often than not, they tend to see themselves as the last true bastion of civilization in the region. Cleric (usually of Corellon) is the favored class of the urban aristocrats of Aulin’ Sepuliah. In and around the Fey Mount rangers are a clear majority. Amongst the more wild rural elves, rogues and rangers abound, amongst a wide variety of other classes.

The Elves of Aulin’ Sepuliah see themselves as the political and cultural heirs of the vanished Eladrin city of Eolemune. They recognize that the Eladrin are the “high(er) Elves” and greatly honor visiting Eladrin, but see themselves as the legitimate rulers, and as the distinctly superior race of the White River Valley. Humans are seen as a child-like race which once had great energy and enthusiasm, but little wisdom. Their empire fell because they were in some sense (which varies in articulation and interpretation) they were not worthy of it. They had their moment in the sun, but now it is time for the more “mature” Elves to take care of the valley and its “civilized folk.”

Orcs, on the otherhand, are bloodthirsty savages with no redeaming qualities. There is disagreement over whether the folk of Redhill are “Orcs” or “Humans.” This (active and controversial) debate has a lot to do with the tendency among Elven leaders to largely ignore, if not actively marginalize, the various “Human” populations of the Valley.

The Elves are very concerned about racial purity. They see themselves as a distinct and firmly bounded race. The folk of Drakeford are Humans, there are no Half Elves from the conventional (and officially legal) Elven perspective. There are no laws against intermarriage or interbreeding, but such is strongly frowned upon, and there has been some agitation to pass pronouncements making such corruption of Elven blood illegal.


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