Eronald was a human adventurer from the far south. He came to Drakeford to find his fortune and investigate claims by his grandfather that he was descended from the royal family of the Kingdom of White River.

He was killed by orc bandits while trying to clear them out of a ruined temple of Bahamut. He apparently rose from the dead however (which is common in and near The Wightlands), but with full sentience and will (which is NOT common… even in The Wightlands!) The bandits managed to lock him in a storage room, where Irann, Grai, and Faral found him when they defeated the bandits.

In his undead form, Eronald (whom Faral has dubbed “Eronald the Undying”) is even more convinced of his grandfather’s claimed patrimony, and has decided to recreate the Kingdom of White River... but as a kingdom ruled by the undead! He told Irann, when they crossed blades, that this new kingdom would still have a place for the living, and tried to recruit him.

When Irann and his companions landed what they thought was the killing blow, Eronald simply disintegrated into dust and blew away on a (non-existant) wind. In the process he promised that he would meet with Irann again.

More recently, after the incidents of the Druid Assault, Eronald has been seen giving orders within Whitestone Castle. He appears to be leading the undead who have taken over the place.


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