Goblins are small spindly humanoid creatures with skin that ranges from olive green to almost orange in color. Goblins are weak and cowardly, but are known for working for any more powerful (and usually more intelligent) creatures who will have them.

Occasionally goblins will spawn larger and/or more intelligent sub-breeds. This is the source of both Hobgoblins and Bugbears. These sub-breeds sometimes breed true, producing more of their alternate goblinoid forms. Just as often however, and apparently totally unpredictably, such alternate offspring produce only “normal” goblins.

Goblins were well known before the rise of the Wightlands, having been common throughout the mountainous regions to the north.

Now they are only occasionally encountered in the western forests of Aulin’ Sepuliah or in the mountains near the Far Pass.

Since the sack of Redhill by the dracolich Longtooth, goblins have apparently been driven out of hiding in the mountains there. Once again, goblins walk the streets of Drakeford


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