Some among the Humans tribes of the valley have taken to calling themselves “Nerathians”. These folk take their pure human blood very seriously, and will not admit those who have obvious orcs or elves ancestry.

This movement has been most pronounced among the human tribes in the area of White Harbor, though a particularly violent strain of it has recently appeared in Drakeford.

Lucan Aldovar, styling himself a Nerathian nobleman, declared himself lord over the Docks neighborhood of Drakeford, and officially claimed responsibility for the deaths of numerous elves and half-elves; including Marshal Wouter, the brother of Lord Piter Wouter, who owned the Slumlord (a drinking establishment Aldovar was known to frequent before the Druid Assault).

Lucan, in turn, was killed by his cousin Vincen Aldovar in an attempt to broker a position for himself in the aristocracy of Drakeford. (He sent Lucan’s head to the Baroness in a box.) However, Vincen was himself murdered (probably by a rival claimant for the Docks) before there was any response from the Hill.


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