Aedelfarn – “of the Eagles Nest”; a druid who can take the form of a giant eagle. Dislikes Alek Grimbeard and has warned the knights against his treachery.

Alek Grimbeard – The mad druid who masterminded the Druid Assault. Killed by the Knights.

Alistair Winterstone – the late Half Elf Baron of Drakeford.

Allonwye the Apothacary.

Alvin Wouter – The sage of Drakeford. Deceased.

Ariana Winterstone – The Baroness of Drakeford.

Bryseis Longhorn – Commander of the local Tiefling mercenary outfit.

Dalvian Spire – Drunken Human brawler and gambler

Erdan – The bearded Elven ranger. Left for the Knights Keep.

Erin Louter – Chief of the Lords on Drakeford Hill. Patron of Bahamut. Luxuries Merchant.

Eronald the Undying – Undead “Knight” who currently has control of the ruins of Castle Whitestone.

Faral Half Elf Bard. Lord-Commander of Drakeford Town.

Grai Half Orc Barbarian. Missing in action.

Irann Elven Knight. Left for the Knights Keep.

Lucan Aldovar – A Human, Nerathian “Noble”. Slain by his cousin Vincen Aldovar.

Vincen Aldovar Nerathian nobleman. Killed his cousin Lucan Aldovar in an attempt to make piece with the aristocracy of Drakeford. Murdered in turn, probably by one of his cousin’s former supporters.

Chief Ulark – Human tribal chieftain resettled in town. Arrested by Irann on suspicion of ordering the murder of Vincen Aldovar. Escaped from the Drakeford Jail.

General Gordik – Highest ranking survivor of the city of Redhill. Leader of the Redhill Army. Resides in Winterstone Castle as a guest of the Baroness.

Necromantix – An undead Eladrin woman who apparently serves Vecna.

Pieter Half Elven Knight. Left for the Knights Keep.

Rodvar – Captain in the Knights of White River. Assigned to serve under Lord Pieter. Left for the Knights Keep.

The Spirit in the Tower – Looks like a teenage Half-Elf… obviously isn’t.

Thalion – Half Elven Cleric of Kord. Currently serving as the Baroness’s steward/herald.

Traeak – Leader of a band of orcs that are now under Irann’s protection on the Hill in Drakeford. Left for the Knights Keep.

Ubada Half Orc Ranger. Missing in action.

The Virulent Pestulence – an undead necromancer who apparently dwells in the Bone Tower.


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