Religion in the White River Valley varies a good deal by particular regions. Most, however, include the following figures of veneration (or villany) to a greater or lesser degree: (For more particulars, see Religion of Drakeford, Religion of Redhill, Religion of Alun’Sepulia, Religion of Human Tribes, Religion of Orc Tribes, or Other Regional Religions.

Corellon – God of magic, art, and beauty and the spring. Patron of the elven nations of Alun’ Sepulia (sp?). Widely worshiped, prevalent priesthoods and temples. Exarchs of Corellon

Bahamut – Patron God of the former Kingdom of White River. God of justice, honor, nobility, and protection. Known by the elves of Alun’Sepulia and the Knights of White River as an Exarch of Corellon. Exarchs of Bahamut.

Avandra – Goddess of luck, trade, and travel. Popular amongst merchants, travelers, and common folk. Has few temples or clergy, but unattended roadside and forest shrines are common. Exarchs of Avandra

Erathis – Goddess of civilization, invention, and law. Widely revered by the Elves of Alun’ Sepulia and the more urban folk of Drakeford and Redhill. Her only temple in the region is in the elven town of Woodford. Exarchs of Erathis

Kord – God of storms, strength, and battle. Kord is popular among the residents of outlying farms and human and orc tribes. Exarchs of Kord

Melora – Goddess of the Wilderness. Melora is propitiated by regional farmers to encourage the growth of crops and to reduce the damage of wild animals and plants as well as the weather. She has a small formal following among the elves, and is commonly venerated by the druids who draw their numbers from humans and half-elves. Exarchs of Melora The Cat Lord

Pelor – The cult of Pelor is a recent phenomena in the White River Valley. As a god of the Sun, summer, and agriculture, his small number of traveling priests encourage upright public transparency and the destruction of the undead.

The Raven Queen – Goddess of death, winter, and fate. Few actively worship her, but she plays a prominent role in funeral ritual and is often invoked in folk charms to ward off bad luck.

Sehanine – Goddess of trickery, love, the moon and the Fall. Sehanine has no formal clergy, temples, or shrines, but is commonly invoked in prayers for love or when someone wants to get away with some sort of deception. She is widely revered by elves as the sister (and sometimes consort) of Corellon, and has a place beside him in his temples.

Tiamat – Goddess of Wealth and Greed. Popular among some merchants. Exarchs of Tiamat

Gruumsh – God of violence and destruction. Popular amongst some Orc tribes. Exarch’s of Gruumsh

Vecna – Evil god of the undead and necromancy. Cults, shrines or worshipers of Vecna are met with outrage and violent retaliation by almost everyone. Exarchs of Vecna

Orcus – Demon prince of the undead. Rooted out wherever possible. Exarchs of Orcus

Zehir – God of poison. Popular amongst the lizardfolk. Unwelcome in the “civilized” elven and human lands. Exarchs of Zehir


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