when Eolemune returned to the Feywild Shadowhold (previously called Copperberg)began to stir as what has come to be known as the Wightlands. While the rest of the valley was beginning to be reclaimed by civilization, Shadowhold was already distasteful and dark, somehow less colorful or happy. The few settlers were quickly killed when the first of the dead began to rise.

One of those doomed settlers, a vicious rogue whose mortal name is lost to memory, rose again almost immediately as The Blade of Decay. This deadly wight slaughtered thousands, if not more, of the settlers and inhabitants in and around the old high elevation cities (Ironhold, Whiteford, Deamonhold, and Wheaton).

“The Blade” as he became widely known, and feared, was slain many times over his nearly two hundred year reign of terror. He would simply disintegrate into dust and vanish, only to strike again somewhere on the other side of the valley.

He was finally destroyed when the elven knight Varis Moonfinger used a ritual of his own devising to keep his soul from escaping.

In the folklore of Redhill it is well known that Shadowhold is now the lair of the dracolich Longtooth.

The Dracolich was involved in the overwhelming of Redhill by undead.


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