Erin Louter

Erin Louter is the primary luxuries merchant in Drakeford. His shop was on the west end of the Market Square, at the intersection of the Lords’ Road and Through Street. (It was a primary target of rampaging humans during the Druids Assualt.

Lord Louter is the most powerful and influential of the lords (and Ladies) who live on The Hill of Drakeford. He styles himself “Chief-Lord” and is seldom challenged on it. Since the death of the late baron and the promotion of the Baroness he now serves as the Lord Mayor of Drakeford.

For a few years, he pursued the hand of Ariana Winterstone, the Baron’s daughter and then the Lady Mayor of Drakeford (She is now the Baroness). Her obvious lack of interest put him off however, and he tired of her embarrassing rebukes. He no longer pursues her.

He owns and operates an elaborate shrine to Bahamut on his expansive estate on the bluff overlooking the White River. The shrine is open to use by an elite clientele of local Half Elves who contribute substantially to Louter’s influence and power.

Lately, the lord has supplied generous support to the knight Irann’s efforts to repair and rededicate a ruined temple to Bahamut north of town along the Redhill Road.

Erin Louter

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