Vivian Hartwold

Vivian was the daughter of a highly successful merchant who set up shop in Drakeford and traded from one end of the valley to another. Upon her father’s death, she took up the mantel of his buisiness, Heart Wood, which deals primarily in specialty lumbers. She isn’t the merchant her father was, but she does well enough to keep her and her family very comfortable, and to earn herself a seat on the Drakeford city council.

She has three sons:

Logan – A quick mind who reminds her of her father and will most likely take over the family business.

Simon – A playboy who will probably amount to nothing. Most likely won’t know what to do with himself once his mother stops paying his bills.

Faral – A popular performer around town (sings and plays the harp), and an accomplished adventurer. Currently working with the knight Irann.

Vivian Hartwold

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